Machiya (Japanese townhouses) are hidden gems waiting to be explored and experienced. Staying at a Machiya provides an opportunity to connect in a subtle yet very vivid way to the deep traditions of Kyoto; a city that can be described as an island of tradition in the swirling whirlpool of ongoing change and evolution. Machiya are wooden townhouses developed in Kyoto throughout Japan’s history and traditionally housed craftsmen, artisans and merchants. An overnight at a Machiya provides a firsthand encounter with the fascinating crafts, materials, textures, and charms of the Machiya,, a personal connection to art, artisans and Japanese intrinsic concepts of esthetics. Our Machiya are located in ordinary local neighborhoods, allowing daily interactions with the locals and living just as Japanese do, offering a “going local” experience at its best. For those interested in a real taste of the Japanese culture and its traditions, we invite you to stay in one of our Machiya.